Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dirty Secret Coconut Stout

We've aged our crowd favorite Coconut Stout in freshly dumped Kentucky Bourbon barrels from a highly sought after distillery.  We can't name names but we are sure that Buffalo Bill would approve!

Dirty Secret Coconut Stout is brewed with copious amounts of all natural, coconut that gives a pleasing nose and delicious, balanced flavor without being overly sweet or cloying. No artificial extracts or flavorings are used. Specialty malts and cacao nibs provide rich chocolate notes that create a perfect balance to the subtle sweetness of the coconut. Aging in Kentucky bourbon barrels further developed luxurious flavor and aroma.

Malts: 2Row, Black, Carafa Special 3, CaraRed 

Other: Coconut, Lactose , Cacao Nibs

Hops: Chinook

ABV: 6.8%IBU's: 25