Fresh From the West Wet Hop IPA

Wet-hop means exactly that, the hops used for this IPA are so fresh that they still have moisture in the buds. We brewed this beer within 24 hours of the hops being picked! Most hops used in brewing are dried and pelletized. Fresh hops are extremely perishable and are only available at a few select times during the year. Fresh hops make a difference you can taste. 

FRESH Crystal hops were put into the brew within 24 hours of being picked!! The nose of this IPA has a very aromatic pine/resin scent with minute notes of citrus.  An incredibly light body lets just enough bitterness present on the back-end to satisfy the west coast style lover and just enough citrus notes emerge for those citrus forward loving IPA drinkers. A slight earthiness to the hop flavor balances the overall bitterness profile while rounding out the citrus flavors. 


ABV: 7.5%

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