Pirate Queen Double IPA

Pirate Queen Double IPA was inspired by the famous female pirate, the fiery red-headed, Anne Bonny. She was a bold woman of the times, much like this double IPA. Cryogenically processed Loral and Cascade hops and Columbus hops.  You’ll find bold citrus notes that finish smooth and dry on the palate.

Bonny was born in Ireland, to a servant woman and her employer, lawyer William Cormac.  Cormac left his wife, moving Anne and her mother to London and then to the Colony of Carolina. 

Around 1715, she married a poor sailor and small-time pirate, John Bonny. When her father disowned her, they moved to a pirates' hideout in the Bahamas where she met and later became romantically involved with Pirate Calico Jack.  Bonny left her husband, marrying and joining Calico Jack aboard his bounty seeking ship, The Revenge.

With malts representing Bonny's places of residence, Ireland, England and North America and Cryo hops representing the letters in "Calico"-Cascade, Loral and Columbus, Pirate Queen Double IPA packs a world of flavor without palate destroying bitterness. 

Symbolism abounds in this beer. A female pirate was an uncommon occurrence, much like being a female brewery owner in modern times.   Ellen Joyner, one of Bombshell’s 3 female owners is also an alum of East Carolina University, whose mascot is coincidently a pirate!

Malts: Irish Base malt, English Base malt, American Base malt

Hops: Columbus, Cryo Cascade, Cryo Loral

ABV: 8.5%

IBUS: 95

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